After years of experience working professionally in the building construction industry, the consultant is qualified both as a professional engineer and Certified Construction Specifier. After years working as an onsite building construction engineer, the construction specifications consultant now prepares guide specifications for manufacturers. Experience-wise, over a thousand such guides have been prepared for building construction manufacturers in the United States and Canada.

Prior to preparing the guide specifications for the manufacturer, the building consultant was writing project specifications for architects and engineers. Apart from working as a building construction engineer, previous work detail experience includes that of being a field engineer, property owner’s representative and concrete inspector. Qualifications listed on the building construction consultant’s resume are listed as ACI, ASCE, CSI and SCIP.

CSI refers to the Construction Specifications Institute. Guide specs refer to product guide specifications, manufacturers’ specifications, as well as CSI specs. All these are prepared in accordance with industry standard CSI formats in three parts. These now include the latest Master Format edition. The guides’ language, writing style, coordination and organization conform to the Construction Specifications Institutes’ formats and principles.

A number of benefits inform the use of the guides that are drawn up by the professional building construction consultant. These include the following. Guides are up to date. All product information is clearly communicated in industry standard formats. Architects and engineers are able to clearly and correctly specify manufacturers’ products. The potential for construction issues are minimized. Finally, a professionally prepared product guide with its detailed specifications becomes key in helping to get building projects specified.

construction specifications consultant

Standard practice is to utilize all previous work experience to prepare project guide specifications for all constructed building products or projects by way of utilizing the Master Format divisions.