These superfluous wheels have a number of features that many industrialists, commercial processing centers and manufacturing dens would surely have an interest in. In fact, the industrialists, their factory managers and their workforce already swear by it. These superfluous wheels have the ability to bump and grind if you will. Take a really old industrial sight as a typical scenario.

Caster wheels

The floor is riddled with holes and what this must do for sensitive products and their materials when the trolleys that carry them must transgress these hazardous, inconveniently slippery and dirty floors. The worker manning the trolley need not have worried, because the caster wheels that are holding up the trolley are keeping things steady as she goes. 

Caster wheels, however, do have features that should be instant attractions for the large-scale supermarket or franchise operator. It will certainly be of interest to the wholesale warehouse operator. The main reason for this propagation is in due consideration of the high volume of foot traffic that such retail-oriented businesses are likely to attract.

Noisy trolleys are one of the most irritating projectiles in any shopping environment. They squeak and roar, and they’re the quickest way to get irate and distracted customers to go rushing through the aisles, provided that the floors are not slippery, and through the exit doors, provided that the turnstiles do not hold them up. Or they’re not man-handled by clumsy security guards, finding it so hard to keep their eyes open for the real pilferers.

No, you lock them in with your smooth-running caster wheels. Those fresh eggs on mom’s trolley? No, they don’t crack either. Because the floors are clean and dry and there’s no dents and bumps. But just to be sure; those caster wheelsÂ…